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Electives- May 2024

Equipping Electives are 4-week courses that run on site or online to equip,

empower and encourage you in your walk with the Lord.

Learn & grow in a live lecture environment on Tuesday evenings from 6PM-9:30PM.

Next round of electives: 07 MAY - 28 MAY 2024 at R400pp. *registration essential

To learn more about each elective, just hover each elective below and click to sign-up.

*Please note that there is no online option for "Creating with God". All classes onsite for this one.


Registrations close Wednesday, 01 May. Thereafter, LATE registrations will open.

Late Registration Manuals will only be available during the 2nd week of the Equipping Elective.

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Creating with God

Understanding the Creative Process

In this Creating with God elective, we will uncover the biblical basis for creative expression as we look some of our heroes in the faith. Some were chosen by God like Bezalel as a skilled craftsman, some like David who gave us poetic literature, and some like Solomon who was accomplished in art and architecture.


All creation displays God's design, power, and goodness, but only human beings are made in God's image with the ability to create. We will look more deeply at our creative identity, and then continue our journey of “creating with God” to represent Him better.

with Lisa Crumpton


Training for Prophetic Activation

God has a dream! A dream where every son and daughter on earth has the supernatural grace to perceive His heart and His voice in prophecy. This dream of the Father is expressed in Joel 2:28, "”“And afterward, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your old men will dream dreams, your young men will see visions.“

God initiated stage one of His dream by sending His Son Jesus, and then pouring out His Spirit upon us. Now all of us can access the heart of God, the mind, and intent of God through the prophetic gift and grace that has been lavishly poured out by the Holy Spirit. The ownness is now upon us to eagerly desire the gift of prophesy, to fan it into flame, to practice and progress in this beautiful gift of hearing Fathers heart for us.

Join us as we get practical in activating and growing in this gift!

with Darryl Reid


The Scriptures have much to say about how we should relate to God through our finances. There have been many approaches toward teaching about money which has caused a multitude of reactions in the Church towards what is sometimes a contentious subject.

Come and join us as we study some Biblical insights regarding Kingdom Finance, stewardship, generosity, poverty and abundance; and then apply these principles towards the management of our own finances.

Biblical Insights

on Finance

with John Crumpton

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