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Do you have some questions about our Breakthru Equipping School of Theology? These FAQ's are here to make it easier for you.


If you can't find what you're looking for, please contact our BEST office at

1. Can I sign up at any time? 


Registrations for 2024 are open until our Registration and Information Evening on 30 January, 2024, at 7 PM.


2. How long is the school? 


The part-time school spans the course of 1 year with the option of continuing on to the following years. There is no prerequisite regarding which years to complete before continuing to the next.


3. Do I have to complete the first year in order to join any consecutive years? 


No. Our curriculum is designed to be joined, with ease, at any annual interval. For example, you can decide to do year 2, skip year 3, and join again for years 4 and 1. Or you may decide to do just one year.

4. What are the costs involved? 


We offer two options, namely ONSITE and ONLINE. The costs for joining BEST for the duration of a year:


  • ONSITE: R 3570 + R 200 admin fee = R 3770/annum

  • ONLINE: R 3990 + R 200 admin fee = R 4190/annum

  • For our online school, there will be an additional courier fee payable to receive your course materials.

  • 2nd, 3rd and 4th-year students receive a 15% discount on student fees.


Please note that prescribed reading material for quarterly book reviews are for the student's own account.

Onsite and Online are NOT interchangeable.


5. Is the school accredited? 


BEST is not currently accredited. 


6. How many hours a week will the curriculum require? 


BEST was designed to fit into a busy lifestyle. The weekly hours required include that of your Tuesday evening classes and quarterly reading assignments.


Weekly classes take place on Tuesday evenings from 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM.

There will be 4 prescribed books for the year, one per quarter. 


7. How do I know which curriculum we're doing? 


We will be doing Curriculum A in 2024!


To accommodate busy lifestyles,  the BEST curriculum is divided into four curricula that rotate annually. Each year can stand independently, or can be combined with any of the others. 


8. What does the curriculum entail? 


The BEST Curriculum is an intentional combination of live lectures from local and international speakers, study materials from The Sword of the Spirit series by Colin Dye and more. It aims to bring the balance between walking in a supernatural lifestyle and power of the Gospel, and being grounded in solid theology. 


For the theological aspects of the School we will be lecturing from the Kensington Temple International Bible Institute of London’s curriculum. 


The Training and equipping aspects of BEST will include: 

  • Bethel lectures from Bill Johnson & other Bethel Leaders 

  • Equipping electives  

  • Practical activations


Reading and Outreach:

  • Over and above Tuesday evening classes, we also have a prescribed book reading list. Each student will be required to read 4 prescribed books during the year and submit a one-page review on each book each quarter. 

  • There will also be outreaches throughout the year giving you opportunity to put to practice what you have been learning. 



9. Where can I make payments? 


Payments can be made to the BEST bank account using YOUR Student Number as payment reference: 


ABSA Bank 



Your Student Number as Reference


10. Am I automatically registered for ONLINE if I registered for in-person? 


No. Registering for ONSITE classes does not give you access to ONLINE classes, and vice versa.

These two options are not interchangeable. 


11. What happens if I miss a class? 


If you miss a class, you will be able to catch up through the student portal the following day. 


12. How does the grading system work? 


BEST does not make use of a grading system, but rather class attendance and quarterly assignments. 


13. Is there an age limit? 


Yes, students need to be 18 years or older. 


14. Do I have to be part of Breakthru Life Church to sign up? 


No. You do not have to be a part of the Breakthru Church Family to attend BEST. We do, however, strongly encourage you to be a part of a healthy church family somewhere. 


15. Can I make monthly payments? 


For any account queries or arrangements, please email us at  


16. Does BEST go on practical, community outreaches? 


Yes! BEST initiates and facilitates community outreaches, where government regulations allow. 


17. Does BEST have small groups? 


Yes, we value fellowship and the priesthood of all believers. BEST is structured around small groups, whether attending online or in person. These small groups are a place for group discussion, prayer and ministry. Most Tuesdays you will spend some time in your small group. 

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