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Philip's Example
22 May 2022 - John Crumpton

Continuing our journey of going after healing and the miraculous, John shares Philip's example. An ordinary man. A follower of Christ, filled with the Holy Spirit and wisdom, who preached the Gospel and healed those who were sick.

John's message encourages us to not disqualify ourselves for the work of the Lord, but to step out on the front foot and do the works that Christ gave us authority to do.

Important scriptures:

  • Acts 8

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15 May 2022 - Sebastian Floor

Join us for this special sermon with Sebastian Floor sharing about the significance of a blameless church and how Jesus will present us to the Father.

15 May 2022_Sunday ServiceSebastian Floor
00:00 / 53:16
Expanding Mindsets for Kingdom Advance
01 May 2022 - John Crumpton

John challenged us from the book of Acts to see how our mindsets need to be continually renewed to cope with increased Kingdom thinking.

We took time to look at the life of Peter and to see how God used an ordinary man to do some of the most extraordinary things.

01 May 2022_Sunday ServiceJohn Crumpton
00:00 / 49:30
Heal the Sick
08 May 2022 - Darryl Reid

Building on the foundations laid by John's sermons over the last few weeks, Darryl helps us understand how easy it is to minister healing to others.


We take a step into the practical and witness the ease in which we get to partner with God and what He wants to release to people.

08 May 2022_Sunday ServiceDarryl Reid
00:00 / 43:04
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