Real men are rising up across our nation. These men are not just heroes on display, but heroes to their families – and heroes when no one is looking. These men are learning to become more than conquerors through Christ. You see, conquerors aren’t born – they are made. 

"Leadership starts in the uttermost

hidden parts of our lives."

More and more men, including Christian leaders, are fighting for their spiritual lives, but do not know how to prevail against the enemy’s assault.

For any man who’s ever struggled- Conquer Success in this battle against sexual sin means arming yourself with the tools and strategies to help combat the trap that hell has put in your path.

The Conquer Series teaches men everything they need to know about the battlefield, the enemy, weaponry, military strategies and scientific facts that shed new light to immutable Biblical truth. Everything in the lessons is strictly based on Scripture and packaged in high-quality cinematic storytelling.

We answer tough and awkward questions that most men steer clear of but are yearning to know and, finally, we leave men with hope and support so that they can continue to be a conqueror one day at a time. Conquer Series is Ideal for all men!


Next Course start date 

Tuesdays starting 06 October (venue: Breakthru Life Church)

Thursdays starting 08 October (venue: Rainforest Boutique)

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