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Weeping into Blessing
28 February 2021
"Blesssed"; To be hugely happy in the Lord. God is not going to withhold from us- He wants to and is going to release every good thing. He is giong to turn the valley of weeping into pools of blessing. Be encouraged as John shares on what happens when we step into a situation with God's spirit and with His perspective- we can shift the atmosphere and God can turn it around for good.
28_February_2021John Crumpton
00:00 / 28:40
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Can these Dry Bones Live?
21 February 2021
Yes they can! God's word is the final word! John Crumpton shares an encouraging word on the valley of dry bones and how prophetic words pull us through the tough times to get to the other side. Speak to the dry bones and see them live- put a voice of hope and life into your situation.
14 February 2021
Darryl Reid shares on the why and what happens when we position ourselves in a place of thankfulness. Watch the full message here or listen to the message below.
The Valley of Salt
07 February 2021
John Crumpton shares on the valley of Salt. We don't face storms due to a lack of faith - rather it's an opportunity to grow through it and move further into the purposes of God! God will enable you to navigate through the storm, and He is the one who will give you the Victory wherever you go.
31_January_2021John Crumpton
00:00 / 24:58
14_February_2021Darryl Reid
00:00 / 31:20
07_February_2021John Crumpton
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