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And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony;

Revelation 12:11b

Testimonies are evidence or proof of the acts of God by which we can trust Him to fulfill His promises in our lives because we’ve seen the proof in the life of someone else. In other words, a testimony is bearing witness to an action, a proof of the occurrence of something spectacular.  It is therefore important that we share our testimonies with others because we will be giving someone a reason to believe that whatever promise God has made to them or whatever they are trusting God for, He is able to do it.


23 April, 2020

Trish and Cliff Jackson, 


1. This morning at 11am Katie Williams and Donovan as part of the Breakthru prayer team, phoned Cliff to pray for his big toe that was injured when my metal printing press bed fell on it on Monday evening.


2. I had asked Cliff to help me replace the blankets but as he placed them on the end of the bed, their weight caused the bed to tip up and fall on the floor, on his toe. The printing bed weighs about 70 kgs and measures 1500 cm by 900cm. So with his toe bleeding profusely, we rushed to Sunninghill hospital where he had about 30 stitches on the tip. It was an absolute miracle that no bones were broken. It could have crushed his metatarsals!


3. Then this morning (23rd) Donovan began to tell Cliff that he had had a dream about two weeks ago of someone hobbling around their property with an injured toe and how he had begun to pray for healing.


4. He mentioned the healing miracles he had seen take place when he went to Baragwanath to pray. He started to tell Cliff about a man whose toes were black with diabetes and as he and a woman started to pray for his foot, the colour began to change, and blood and life began to flow into his foot. As he was talking, I walked in and he recognized me as the woman who had been with him to pray for the man with the diabetic foot!

I am so moved by God’s hand in the details of our lives. Not only did He have someone praying for healing of Cliff’s foot before the accident happened, (as well as our Connect group) but the seed I had sown early last year (or the end of 2018) was bearing fruit in our own lives.

After a checkup at Sunninghill in the early morning the prognosis was not so good. The doc said the flesh was dying but Donavan and Katie prayed as I had laid hands on Cliff’s foot, and they proceeded to bless Cliff with encouraging prophetic words of financial blessings, Joshua 1:9 and bearing fruit into his old age as he was entering the land of milk and honey.

God is so good!

By the afternoon the plastic surgeon, who we had to see, was so impressed by the pinkness of the flesh which is a sign of life that Cliff does not need surgery. He wants to see his toe every week for 3 or 4 weeks to see how its progressing and to take out the stitches!

God is so good! To Him be the Glory in Jesus’s name Amen!

20 May, 2020

Patience Muzavazi, 

"I had a cyst for 2 years . I requested prayer for it at my connect group with Olu and Francis and the next morning it burst . I'm amazed , Im healed no pain .I thank God."

24 August, 2020

Faith Mabaso, 

"2 weeks ago I submitted a prayer request for the healing of my right ear - I had Tinnitus. The prayer team called and prayed with me- I am pleased to share that I am completely healed! Thank you Fam."

16 June, 2020

Delia Mulder, 

"I had knee pain which was hindering my running. I asked for prayer from our connect group, Darryl also prayed for knees 2 weeks ago. The Tuesday after that I ran, pain free! Still pain free today."

01 April, 2020

Sue De Villiers, 

"I had prayer from Donovan and Katie - the pain in many places in my body is substantially reduced and getting better everyday. The words of knowledge and scripture SO accurate!

30 March, 2020

Elna from Johannesburg, GT

"I have to quickly give you an amazing testimony.


Darryl called out high blood pressure on Sunday morning as part of the ministry time, I have been battling with high blood pressure all of a sudden to such an extent that I cannot walk straight I’m so dizzy, and I have really bad headaches.


I have gone for two tests and both times my blood pressure was very high.


Last night when I went to bed I put my earphones on and listened to the live stream on Facebook from Thursday afternoon and when Darryl and John called out headaches and prayedfor healing I claimed my healing and asked Jesus to touch me.  I had to go back to the doctor on Friday  for another test and my blood pressure was totally NORMAL for the 1st time.


So thank you thank you for being obedient and bless you guys."

25 March, 2020

Liezl from London, UK

"I was listening in on Facebook Live, all the way from London with a terrible headache. The ministry team prayed for me and the headache completely disappeared! Praise the Lord!"

25 March, 2020

Michelle from Johannesburg, GT

"I was suffering from tremendous back pain all day yesterday and I was up from 03:30 becuase of the discomfort. I logged on to the Virtual Healing Rooms on Facebook and requested prayer for my back pain. During the session as the ministry team prayed for me, my back pain went from a 9 to a 3 out of 10! Praise Jesus!"

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