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Pursuing His Presence

God is on the move and is building His Church! Hallelujah! John continued to encourage us, through the Scriptures, that God wants us, as living stones, to be a dwelling place for His Presence. You can rewatch the sermon below, and read through some scriptures and important points from Sunday.

Important Scriptures to read through: 1 Corinthians 3:5-17 * We are all builders * We all have a part to play in building each other up * We - together (corporate gathering) - are the temple * Verse 16 pulls together the references a) to the temple, b) to the tabernacle, and c) to the Presence of God among us

The enemy tries to put a wedge between you and the very source of your Freedom.

1 Chronicles 7:1-3 * We see the linking of fire, glory, sacrifice, worship and thanksgiving

Living by the spirit is living a life that pleases Him. His grace enables us.

Acts 2:1-4 * The Holy Spirit now dwells inside the living tabernacle of God’s people * The sign of fire represents God’s glorious Presence with us and in us Thoughts to Ponder: 1. What are the common threads of fire and cloud, glory and sacrifice with regards to the Tabernacle, the Temple, and Living Stones. 2. Should we as believers anticipate our gatherings to be opportunities for encounters with the glory and Presence of God? If so, why and how?

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