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Blessed for Fruitfulness

Looking at mankind's original mandate in Genesis 1:28, we see that we were created to be fruitful and to multiply. Not just mankind, but the whole of creation. From vegetation to ocean life (Genesis 1:11-12, Genesis 1:21-22). Even Noah received this mandate once the flood had passed and they could step onto dry ground again (Genesis 9:7).

Let's look at the different aspects of life where we should be fruitful (HINT: it's not just about making more humans):

  1. Physical aspect - multiply and take dominion over the earth.

  2. Work Life - prospering in your career/ work, create, invent.

  3. Spiritually - spiritual growth and fruitfulness, making disciples, bearing the fruit of the Spirit, sharing testimonies.

Miracles are pregnant with more miracles!

Have you noticed how fruit come from seed, and within the fruit there are more seeds? It's an intentional design by our Creator! The same can be said for our testimonies (a form of spiritual fruit). Each testimony carries a seed for breakthrough for others! When we share testimonies, we are inviting Holy Spirit to come and do again for others, what He did for us. Miracles are pregnant with more miracles!

It is safe to say that by looking at these scriptures, we see two prominent purposes for our lives:

  1. God designed creation and people to be fruitful and to multiply.

  2. We are to be fruitful and multiply the Kingdom of God.

You can follow along in the recap of Darryl Reid's sermon on Fruitfulness below:

7 Keys to fruitfulness:

1. Environment - It's not by striving!

  • Work from love not for love. A tree doesn't thinking all day "I need to produce better fruit. I need to produce better fruit". The fruit is a result of the soil the tree is planted in.

  • Let's position ourselves correctly (our internal and external environment). A plant either thrives or dies because of its environment.

  • Remove the things from your environment that stunt your growth.

2. Abide - in relationship and community.

  • “By this my Father is glorified, that you bear much fruit and so prove to be my disciples.” John 15:1-5, 8

  • Abide - be continuously present!

  • Our environment is critical but not enough. We need community with others and communion with God.

  • When you're in the correct environment, you need to absorb it and engage with it. Coming to church is not enough, you need to engage.

3. Giving/Generosity

  • Financially & practically (time, energy, serving, love, grace, mercy, skill, etc).

  • There more we give (seed we sow), the more the harvest - the more the fruitfulness.

  • The boy who gave what he had to Jesus, ended up partnering with Jesus in the miraculous! John 6

  • Tithing - the primary motivation of giving or tithing should never be to get back, that's called a transaction. Malachi 3:10

  • The reason the Dead Sea is dead is because living water flows in but nothing flows out.

  • Opposite of generosity = selfishness.

4. Keep moving Forward (James Kato Clip)

  • There is no stationery position in the kingdom. You're either moving forward or backward.

  • Colossians 1:9-10

5. Unwanted Paddlers

  • Get rid of the things that prevent you from abiding - sin cannot abide with Jesus.

  • Cut off the branches that aren't bearing fruit!

6. Die to self and live for Christ

  • John 12:24

  • When it seems our dreams and desires have died, we can remember who our Father is -God will resurrect them.

  • Life is not about your dream. Life is not about you.

  • It's about Him and His dream!

7. Know your identity

“So, my brothers and sisters, you also died to the law through the body of Christ, that you might belong to another, to him who was raised from the dead, in order that we might bear fruit for God.Romans 7:4

We pray that you grow roots in these truths and take steps to be fruitful - be who you were created to be!

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