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The LET US WORSHIP Movement, founded by Sean Feucht, is hosting an open-air worship service on South African soil, with JOYBURG being their first ever overseas event of this type!

The year 2022 is significant for the sound of worship to fill the air over Johannesburg as per Isaiah 22 v 22 which says: “I will place on his shoulder the key to the house of David; what he opens no one can shut, and what he shuts no one can open.” The time is NOW to declare open doors for the advance of the Kingdom of God in our nation and our city.

Sean Feucht and family together with an international team will be traveling from the USA for this momentous gathering, calling the people of God to encounter the fire and passion of His Presence in increasing intensity.
This is a kairos opportunity for the Body of Christ to come together and release the sound of heaven over our nation!


1. Parking space is limited, please carpool with friends or use Uber.

2. Gates open at 13h00, event starts at 15:00.

3. A few Food stalls and refreshments will be on sale throughout the event.

**Feel free to bring your own food and cool drinks .

**No alcohol allowed.

4. Please no Gazebos or umbrella's 

5. This is a standing event, feel free to bring a camping chair

6. Some of Sean Feuchts merchandise will be available for sale

**Please note all points of sale will accept card only.

7. We have a generator on site, so loadshedding won’t affect the meeting.