Duties & Responsibilities


  • Assistance with guarding of the Breakthru Constitution.  Ensure compliance of all decisions and actions by individuals and decision-making structures to the provisions of the Constitution. 

  • Monitor and apply the provisions of applicable South African legislation. 

  • Monitor and apply relevant Governance practices. 

  • Ensure the convening of AGM meetings. Including generating the notices, taking minutes and preparing documentation. 

Operations Management: 

  • The role provides oversight of most non-pastoral, operational and support functions to enable the effective operation of ministries within the Church. 


Facilities Management: 

  • Together with the Grounds Foreman and Grounds staff, gain a detailed understanding of ministry needs in order to provide infrastructure and venues support. Prioritise any conflicting requirements and ensure that grounds staff are scheduled to provide grounds and logistical support to meetings and events. 

  • Ensure preventative maintenance & reactive repairs to all facilities on site, including a booking and support infrastructure to internal and external venue users/clients.  

  • Work with the Grounds Foreman to manage and schedule the time of janitors, gardening and other staff/contractors, to meet the evolving needs of the church. 

  • Reasonable power and other back-up support should be planned and managed. 

  • Manage utilities, equipment, furniture and other assets.  

  • Oversee the purchase of all supplies, including cleaning & hygiene services. 

  • Promote and oversee the hiring out of Breakthru venues to external clients, with the view to generating income for Breakthru which would offset overheads costs. 


Health and Safety: 

  • Ensure compliance with Occupational Health & Safety legislation. 

  • Maintain sufficient fire extinguishers and other requisite flame-retardant measures. 

  • Maintain appropriate policies & procedures. 

  • Ensure the training of personnel in first aid and fire-fighting. 


Information Technology: 

  • Maintain a functioning database of members & adherents, producing usable reports. 

  • Maintain licensed software and cost-effective hardware solutions for Breakthru’s operational requirements. 

  • Maintain an appropriate server, back-up solutions, office operating system and security of data, telephony, internet solutions, management information and statistics. 



  • Strategic planning to manage a suite of communication platforms, to engage with various stakeholders via appropriate channels. 

  • Engage with pastors and ministry leaders to solicit and disseminate information. 


Reception / Front of Office: 

  • Oversee the operations of the front office staff, including access security, switchboard, stationery, stock and storage, photocopying & printing.  

  • Ensure infrastructural support for the above, including a functional office infrastructure, photocopy machine, access gate motors & intercom, security cameras, armed response, office safe and support resources for staff and ministries. 


Infrastructure Projects: 

  • Identify and generate proposals for capital or infrastructure projects, undertaking a cost/benefit analysis to enable prioritizing and decision-making. 

  • Where relevant, liaise with architects, engineers, contractors and other implementation partners, including the submission and approval for development plans. 

  • Communicate the benefits of approved plans to stakeholders, timeously assessing and discussing the impact on affected ministries, and managing workarounds. 

  • Plan and implement the roll-out of approved projects. 

Qualification & Skills

  • Tertiary BCom Administration or similar Degree. 

  • Minimum 7 years experience in a senior management role. 

  • Strong business administration knowledge. 

  • Advanced excel and spreadsheet knowledge. 

  • Contactable references. 


Behavioural and Competency Requirements: 

  • Excellent professional communication skills. 

  • Strong staff management skills. 

  • Planning and organisational skills. 

  • Logical approach. 

  • Professionalism. 

  • Proactiveness.  

  • Collaborative approach. 

  • Able to grasp new concepts quickly and efficiently. 

  • Innovative thinking. 

  • Excellent time management skills. 

  • Analytical and detail orientated. 

  • Effective coach and facilitator. 

  • Attention to detail. 

  • Motivated by compliance objectives and efficient/effective processes. 

  • Able to deal flexibly with compliance requirements. 

  • Proven project management capability. 

  • Demonstrates sound decision-making skills. 

  • Prioritization skills. 

  • Effective influencing and negotiation skills.