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Thoughts from John Crumpton:

One of our core values, as the Breakthru Family, is to live in intentional relationships with one another as fellow disciples of Jesus Christ. Our Community Connect Groups are designed to provide a place of belonging, fellowship, spiritual growth, and the primary means of personal support and pastoral care.

This new season in 2022 provides us with the opportunity to build new relationships across the Breakthru Family while we prepare for the growth associated with welcoming new members into the family.

Everyone is invited to apply afresh for new placement in a Community Connect Group, by filling out an online form to indicate their top preferences. While we will endeavour to place you according to your request, there may understandably be instances where we have to assign some members to an alternative group. This will be done with the utmost care as we take a number of factors into consideration, including your geographic location and the composition of each group.

Our prayer is that as the Breakthru Family experiences accelerated growth, we will contend for the foundational aspects which won our hearts in the first place.

May we encourage you to “be the family” that others are wanting to join.

Much Love & Grace,
John Crumpton

Meet our Community Connect Group Leaders.

Keven & Halyey Mclachlan.jpeg

Mclachlan, Kevin & Hayley

Breakthru Property

Corns, Logan & Zelda.jpeg

Corns, Logan & Zelda

Amorosa (Ruimsig)


CORE Young Adults

Reid, Darryl & Philippa

Breakthru Property

Els, Marius & Corinne .jpeg

Els, Marius & Corrine

Amorosa (Ruimsig)

perks, steve &izzy.jpeg

CORE Young Adults

Perks, Steven & Isabel

Breakthru Property

Blue Surface

DAY GROUP (over 65's)

Laubscher, Henry & Janet

Breakthru Property

Koch, Francois & Carna.jpg

CORE Young Adults

Koch, Francois & Carna

Breakthru Property

desmond, doug &caitlyn 1.jpeg

CORE Young Adults

Desmond, Douglas & Caitlyn

Breakthru Property

DUP, Chris & Danielle 2.jpeg

CORE Young Adults

du Plessis, Chris & Danielle

Breakthru Property

Blue Surface

DAY GROUP (over 65's)

Gauld, Don

Breakthru Property

Du Toit, Elna & Etienne.jpg

Du Toit, Etienne & Elna

Kenmare, Krugersdorp

Jackson, Cliff & Trish.jpg

Jackson, Cliff & Trish


Louw, Lj & Jurgens.jpeg

Louw, Jurgens & Lisa Jane

Weltevreden Park

Freer, Gordon & Gail.jpeg

Freer, Gordon & Gail

Weltevreden Park

Magesh, Magesh & Hema.jpg

Magesh, Magesh & Hema

Pine Haven, Krugersdorp

Blue Surface

Cronje, Willie & Rika


Cloete, Francis & Michelle.jpeg

Cloete, Francis & Christelle


Afanu, Francis & Olu.png

Afanu, Francis & Olu


Dewey, cliff & Brenda_edited.jpg

Dewey, Cliff & Brenda


Jooste, Jaco & Marene.jpg

Jooste, Jaco & Marené

Strubens Valley

De Metz, Sean & Cailtin.jpeg

CORE Young Adults

De Metz, Sean & Kaitlin

Breakthru Property

Reeve, Donovan & Marine.jpeg

Reeve, Donovan & Mariné

Strubens Valley

Pooren, Naresh &  Nerisha.jpeg

Pooren, Naresh & Nerisha

Weltevdren Park

Tim & Chantal Naude.jpeg

Naudé, Tim & Chantal


Oosthuizen, Willie & Trudie 2.jpeg

Oosthuizen, Willie & Trudie

Kempton Park


Vermaak, Charl & Natasha


Selepe, Thsepo & Noxi.jpeg

Selepe, Tshepo & Noxolo


Visser, Andries & Michelle.jpeg

Visser, Andries & Michelle

Florida North

Shankland, Warren & Caelene.jpg

Shankland, Warren & Caelene

Pine Haven, Krugersdorp

Warns, Dagan & Linda_edited.jpg

Warns, Dagan & Linda

Randpark Ridge

Westely, Ronald & Maria.jpg


Westley, Ronald & Maria


Von Zweigbergk, Malcolm & Cathy_edited.jpg

von Zweigbergk, Malcom & Cathy


Join a Community Connect Group FORM:

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