Q: Do I need to be a member at Breakthru Life Church to do BSSM?

A: No. All members of other churches in South Africa are welcome to Apply for BSSM.

Q: How do classes work?

A: BSSM is a one year, part-time school with classes every Tuesday from 6pm. Once you are a registered student with a student number, you will be allocated to a Revival Group Leader and a table for further

activations, discussions and help to activate students in personal revival.

Q: Are the lectures DVD based only?

A: Although Breakthru School of Supernatural Ministry uses the licensed Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry DVD Curriculum, live lectures will be part of the programme with a variety of guest lecturers throughout the year.

Q: Does the school involve doing assignments, homework or other activities?

A: We emphasize hands-on training and experience along with academic understanding. This creates a “teach and do” culture where students take risks to stretch their faith and grow in their understanding of God. The BSSM Curriculum provides ample time for group discussions in class time. Homework and assignments only include reading the prescribed books per quarter and submitting a book review for each book. Activations take place in class as well as on outreaches each month.

Q: What happens on outreaches?

A: Outreaches take place on Saturdays and can be in the form of visits to local hospitals, treasure hunts, visits to local children's homes and more.

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