BSSM 2020 Second Year Online Application Form

The curriculum is built upon the first year school, therefore only students who have already completed Bethels first year curriculum will be able to apply for 2nd year. The Breakthru School of Supernatural Ministry 2nd year curriculum will be covered over 1 year. In order to make the course accessible to as many people as possible, as well as to enable folk from various churches around Johannesburg to participate, we have deliberately designed the course to not interfere with other local church programs. Hence our 2nd Year BSSM will run as a part-time school, operating on Tuesday evenings over one year. 

South Africa is in the midst of great advances in the Kingdom of God! Our mission is to equip and deploy revivalists who passionately pursue worldwide transformation within their God-given spheres of influence. Hence we are excited to let you know that we will  once again be running Bethel School Of Supernatural Ministry’s 1st year curriculum at the Breakthru School Of Supernatural Ministry in 2018. We are confident that this curriculum will be a great catalyst in releasing more of His Kingdom in South Africa and the nations of the earth.—John Crumpton

Our primary emphasis in this school is for believers to return to Signs and Wonders as a lifestyle. Those who simply want good doctrine on miracles will not fit in here. As John Wimber put it, faith is spelled “r-i-s-k”. We have worked to create an environment where people can take risks in learning to operate in the supernatural without fear of rejection or failure. This gospel must go forth with power for massive world wide revival! - Bill Johnson

BSSM is more than a school, it’s a Holy Spirit journey into the realm of the impossible, a heavenly adventure where no one dare travel without God. In this haven of love, you will learn how to minister with power, and walk in signs and  wonders. We are in the midst of thegreatest revival in human history. Yet there remains a distance between what should be and what will be. That distance is you. What will you be? You are the bridge between history and His story. - Kris Vallotton


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